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The Study-Smart framework
for Economics: A grade + minimum study time

Here's the peep on how we help students to excel in Economics

  • Reduce study time by learning only the necessary content needed to answer questions and by linking related content across different topics.
  • All assignments are meticulously marked. Mistakes are identified and corrected. We don't give model essay outlines (easier task for the tutor but not in the student's best interest) as the fine tuning of answers is instrumental in securing your 'A' grade.
  • Small class size of 8 students per class to ensure optimal learning.
  • 24/7 support via whatsapp, email, and phone call. Face to face consultations are also available if that's your preferred mode of consultation.

What our students say...

Keen to find out how our study-smart framework can bring your grade to the next level in economics?

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