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Economics tuition
with a difference

The support you get from joining our economics tuition classes

  • Concise, comprehensive and exam-ready notes for effective revision in GCE A level economics exams, one of the advantages commonly raved about by our students for joining our JC economics tuition classes (In fact, our students simply rely 100% on our econs notes instead of lengthy school lecture notes).
  • Hone in on essay and case study answering skills through methodical answer structuring, sharpening of question interpretation and linkages of theory to real life application.
  • All assignments are meticulously marked. Mistakes are identified and corrected. We don't give model essay outlines (easier task for the tutor but not in the student's best interest) as the fine tuning of answers is instrumental in securing your 'A' grade. Also, we allocate one-to-one time for further clarification on your answering scripts if requested by the students.
  • Small class size of 8 students per class to ensure optimal learning.
  • 24/7 support via whatsapp, email, and phone call. Face to face consultations are also available if that's your preferred mode of consultation.

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