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Meet the Econs Tutor

Hi, I’m Wee Tiong and I’m the founder and sole tutor of Econscentric. I hold a BA in Economics from NUS and Post-graduate studies in Economic Development from University of Glasgow.

Holding onto the belief that you don’t have to trade time for better grades, I immersed myself in developing a time-saving and stress-free study method -“The Study-Smart Approach”. This approach has helped hundreds of my students to ace their exam with ease (see their testimonials) over the past 18 years of my tutoring journey. And coupled with my dedication to the pledge of “your success is my success” has put me on a consistent track record of achieving 75%-80% of distinction rate yearly.

The Study-Smart Approach to nailing your 'A' grade in Economics

Structured and Organized contents

Contents are structured and distilled to filter out redundant information. This will help you to focus on important points to study, which result in lesser time spent on revision and better grades for your exam (one of the core features of the study-smart framework, greatly loved by my students).

Decode abstract economics theories and concepts into comprehensible notes that can be easily translated into answering any question.

Real world examples are integrated into contents so that you don’t have to dig into massive articles to sieve out relevant information, saving you tons of time which could be better deployed elsewhere.

Application skills 

Application skills are sharpened via analogies, linkages of economic theories to real-life examples, and stimulation of thought process through methodological templates. I don’t give my students with rigid model essay outlines. Knowing how to derive your answers and apply what you have learned will put you in good stead to handle the unpredictability of Cambridge’s questions.

What’s in it for me? Nothing interests students more to learn economics than letting them see the relevance between economics and real-world context. Your application skills will improve naturally once you understand how the working of economic policies impact you. Economics is about everyday living, not about the ivory tower. The success of this teaching approach is evidenced by the transformation in my students’ attitude, from dislike to loving economics, with some even pursuing economics at their tertiary level.

Effective Time management skills

Mastering effective time management skills involved much more than mere timed trial practices. It involves imparting time-saving tactics on how to streamline your answers and maximize the number of marks gained under time-sensitive exam conditions. And learning the systematic approach to identify patterns in various questions types will greatly reduce your response time in understanding the question requirements.

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