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Students' reviews on our economics tuition


Name: Jonathan Chew Zi Jie
JC: St Andrew’s Junior College
Class: 17A04

I decided to go for economics tuition from the start of my junior college years as economics was a fresh subject to me that I have never learnt before and I wanted to make sure that I would be able to cope well with the academic demands of the subject. However, Mr Tay’s tuition went above and beyond my expectations.

To start, Mr Tay is a very kind, understanding and patient teacher and he helped to simplify complex concepts in economics into something that was understandable and relatable. From the beginning, he managed to set my basic foundations for economics right and this proved to be invaluable as more economic concepts and topics were layered on this foundation as I continued to learn more.

Mr Tay’s explanations and notes made sure that as students, we were able to get straight to answering the question in the most time-efficient and easiest manner, and this was highly effective in helping me to score well for examinations and tests. In Mr Tay’s classes, my understanding of various economic concepts and topics was greatly broadened and stretched as I saw how they are applied differently in various real world scenarios which was extremely useful in helping me to understand questions that require the applications of the economic concepts we learnt.  

In addition, Mr Tay’s classes helped me to stay ahead of my peers and have an easier time in school lessons as Mr Tay would teach topics ahead of time, which meant that I had more time to revise and deepen my understandings of each topic. This was my saving grace in helping me keep up with my peers even when I fell ill for a period of approximately a month and a half and missed various lessons in my second year.

All in all, I think Mr Tay is a very experienced and dedicated tutor whose insights into the subject were critical in assisting me to broaden and deepen my understanding of economics, allowing me to achieve an A for H2 economics at the A levels. I really think I could not have done this without him. And for anyone is seeking tuition for economics, I hope you will consider Mr Tay as I think he does his job incredibly well.

Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of them for supporting and assisting me in the journey of my two years in junior college. I would also like to extend my special thanks to his wife for always helping to prepare snacks and refreshments so we could continue to press on together. Thank you both for all your efforts in teaching us


Name: Jicson Toh
JC: Victoria Junior College
Class: 17S64

To me, studying economics was always a chore. I never had the passion or interest to study economics and always had troubles understanding the numerous concepts and topics. After getting an S for economics in J2, I joined Mr Tay’s tuition and improved to a D for prelims and eventually attained A for Alevels.

What I enjoyed about Mr Tay’s class is that his lessons are interesting which developed my interest in economics as well. This made studying economics less boring and more interesting. Mr Tay is also very patient and would tirelessly entertain all our queries, be it online or in person, no matter how silly it may seem. Moreover, he imparts essay techniques and focuses on important concepts that are critical in scoring the maximum marks.

Overall, Mr Tay’s lessons are effective and instrumental in helping me improve my economics.


Name: Keefe Kuan
JC: Hwa Chong Institution
Class: 17S6D

Mr Tay is a very friendly and patient tutor who would explain the difficult concepts to me clearly when I am in doubt. Initially, econs appeared to be very daunting as it was a new subject and very different from the subjects that I had studied before in the past. Furthermore, the fast-paced lectures in school and the hectic JC lifestyle made it even more
difficult for me to keep up with the subject. 

However, upon joining Mr Tay’s lessons, econs became a much easier and relatable subject. He was able to break down the difficult concepts which makes it easier for students to understand. His notes were also very clear and concise unlike the school’s notes which were overwhelmed with information.

Through Mr Tay’s lessons, I developed a habit of studying through understanding rather through rote memorization, and I gradually became more interested in the subject as well. Mr Tay is also very helpful and would answer my questions outside of lesson through whatsapp. Thanks to him, I was eventually able to score an A in both my prelim exams and
the A levels.

Economics tuition review: concise economics notes

Name: Faith Lee
JC: National Junior College
Class: 16SH02

In school, I struggled to determine which parts of the lecture content was relevant to answering essay questions and had difficulty grasping the significance of the different concepts taught in class. After getting a promo grade of E in J1, I joined Mr Tay’s class and improved to a B throughout my second year and eventually attained A at A levels.

What made lessons so effective was that Mr Tay’s explanations were clear and concise and he had unique analogies to simplify the hardest concepts. Every lesson left me feeling enlightened and more confident of my grasp of the subject. Mr Tay helped to sieve out the important concepts from the useless elaborations found in my lecture notes and taught me how to wield it effectively in answering case study and essay questions. Mr Tay had good examination tips and advice that helped me manage my time in the exam hall and had useful essay structures to be applied to different questions types. I found that these lessons were more than enough for economics revision throughout J2 and I had to only revise his notes a couple of times before each exam.

Mr Tay is friendly and approachable, lessons are light hearted, yet productive. He welcomes questions and is willing to explain concepts until we fully get it. What I liked most was that I did not need to practice writing full length essays often to see results from Mr Tay’s lessons. I made marked improvements in school just by paying attention in his lessons and taking down notes.

complex economics concepts simplified

Name: Park Kunyoung
JC: Anglo-Chinese Junior college
Class: 2SB1

Throughout the J1, my Economics grade weren’t great as I received D or E for major examinations. I joined Mr Tay’s tuition class in March of my J2 year by my friend’s introduction. 

What differentiated this class from other tuition classes that i have attended is that Mr Tay cares about the individual student’s performance and he is willing to help each student personally. He always gave the class clear and detailed explanations about complex concepts of economics that I previously did not understand. As I attended the class, before I knew, my Economics grades were steadily improving and finally, I was able to achieve A for my A-levels. Mr Tay’s lessons are detailed yet easy to understand and the notes he provides are really helpful for studying alone. Mr Tay is a friendly, patient and determined tutor who will try his best to improve your Economics concept and performance. Thank you Mr Tay for your efforts and help!

economics student's review: time-saving-study-method-for-economics

Name: Genevieve Teo
JC: Raffles Institution
Class: 17A01C

In Year 5, understanding economics concepts took quite a while to grasp seeing that it was a completely new subject. Furthermore, what I previously thought I understood in lectures and tutorials after much effort was completely thrown off when it came to applying these concepts in exams. This was evident in my consistent E grade in the Y5 CT and Promos. However, after attending Mr Tay’s lessons, the concepts that took forever to learn became simple and relatable. He provides many layman examples that school teachers do not provide during lectures or even tutorials while ensuring that we know when and how to apply the concepts appropriately. With Mr Tay’s patience and willingness to help, it becomes very comfortable to approach him to clarify any doubts and ask any questions without worrying about how you may sound “stupid”.

School notes, though informative, contains too much information for students to sieve out the important points for exams. Very often, I find myself running out of time in exams or tests because I have a tendency to over-write at the start, hoping to utilise all the information that I’ve memorised in the notes. In the end, I end up losing too much for what the initial part was worth. Even in tutorials, knowing exam strategies to pace ourselves and write the essentials were shockingly not covered. In fact, essay outlines provided in classes were way too long. Writing such length was not realistically achievable during exams when time is so limited. It was only with Mr Tay’s help that I learnt how to streamline my answers and maximise the number of marks gained within the limited time. The notes he provided was clear and concise and the extensive outlines he covered in class were more than enough to study for during exams. School notes became a source of reinforcement and additional information rather than my primary source of study. 

Ever since, my grades in Year 6 have seen a gradual improvement, with CTs and Prelims scoring Cs and finally achieving an A in A Levels. Thanks so much Mr Tay!

(AND Mrs Tay for the coffee and snacks to perk us up during lessons )


Name: Rishabh Shukla
JC: Victoria Junior College
Class: 16S37

I’m Rishabh from Victoria Junior College and I took H1 Econs from the start of Jc1. Off the bat, I was having problems with Econs and I scored a paltry S grade for econs for both my Mid-years and my Promos.

In Jc2 after much research and asking around, I finally chanced upon Econscentric Tuition centre and after reading it’s good reviews I decided to enroll myself into this centre. Within a matter of a few weeks, my Econs grade rocketed from an S to a B for mid years, and from then on my grades have only gone up, with me scoring an A for both prelims and A-Levels. Mr Tay’s tuition is really helpful as it addresses key mistakes candidates unknowingly make and his notes are so concise that it almost eliminates the need for using school notes. I would definitely advise anyone looking for econs tuition to go for Econscentric as it does make a big difference

how to streamline-answer-to-econs-essays

Name: Lim Lei Wei
JC: Raffles Institution
Class: 17A01C

Raffles Institution (Junior College) 17A01C. Throughout my two years in JC,  I had struggled with Economics and could never score above a C in major exams.

I only enrolled into Mr Tay’s classes after Prelims in J2 upon scoring an E for Prelims. Even though my time with Mr Tay was short, he was very patient in trying to close the gap in my understanding as much as possible within 4 lessons. He was effective in providing us tips to write in a concise and streamlined manner, something I haven’t been able to grasp since J1. Lessons are always tailored to our doubts in different areas and I have found it useful having a small class to teacher ratio, allowing me more time to ask questions. His lessons was instrumental in helping me achieve my A in A levels. Thank you Mr Tay for all your support and dedication!  


Name: Lee Wei Ting
JC: Raffles Institution
Class: 17A01C

Mr Tay had helped me fine-tuned my understanding of economics especially during the last stretch to A levels -in particular, he looked through my works to give me detailed feedback on the areas of improvement and provided tips and tricks to the examination and based on his experiences. Because of his efforts I could secure my score in A levels, and I’m extremely grateful for his efforts.


Name: Yeo Cin Dee
JC: Raffles Institution (JC)
Class: 16S06D

Mr Tay made economic theories much more interesting and easier to understand. His notes were really systematic and to the point, making it much easier for revision as compared to school notes which tend to have large chunks of information given. The notes were structured neatly to answer both essay and case study questions easily as well.

Furthermore, Mr Tay is very patient in teaching. He would answer our questions readily and is willing to mark extra work that we hand up to him. Having many years of teaching experience, Mr Tay is also very familiar with the past year questions and the syllabus, preparing us well for the ‘A’ levels. He would drill us until we familiarise ourselves with the answering techniques. Also, he constantly reminds us of the common mistakes that students usually make and provides us with frameworks to answer questions well.

Overall, Mr Tay’s lesson is really effective in helping me strengthen my concepts and improve my economics grade.


Name: Song Yihang
JC: Raffles Institution (JC)
Class: 15S07C

In J1, I never truly understood the micro economic concepts as it was a subject unlike any other taught in secondary school. After putting in tremendous effort for the promotional examinations and still attaining a mediocre grade of D, I knew it was time for me to get help before it’s too late, hence I found myself at Mr Tay’s doorsteps.

Mr Tay is able to help students identify the key points and factors that need to be written in essays, filtering out the excessive information showered upon us in the form of school lecture notes. In fact, I stopped reading school lecture notes soon after starting tuition, as the concised notes written down during Mr Tay’s lessons were more than sufficient for revision. The relatively small class size also makes it more comfortable for us to clarify our doubts, and Mr Tay is always ready to answer our last minute questions over the phone. By the Mid-Year examinations, I have discovered that I was spending significantly lesser time than my peers in economics, and yet performing better than most. Spending 2 hours at Mr Tay’s lessons every week actually saved me more time, allowing me to focus on my weaker subjects. It is hence safe to say that the tuition at Econscentric has contributed to my overall performance in the A Levels. If I were to summarise my experience at Econscentric in one phrase, it would be “study lesser but study smarter”.


Name: Anuja Bhave
JC: Raffles Institution
Class: 15S03J

I joined Econscentric early on in my J1 year, when I was rather intimidated by this relatively new H2 subject. Mr Tay eased up that anxiety immediately, and made Economics an enjoyable subject to learn. Mr Tay’s approach to teaching was very flexible and suited different students’ learning styles. His teaching style followed the pace of students’ train of thought, making it much easier to follow his lessons.

Unlike how the subject is taught in schools, Mr Tay effectively taught us Economics by emphasizing on important concepts that could be used in exams and tests, as well as by sharing current affairs that could pop up as case studies.

After going through the content, Mr Tay would prepare us for the real deal by giving us essay questions and case studies, and would go through the answers in a systematic manner, so as to avoid repetition. As a result, we managed to go through many different types of questions before the A-Level exams. Mr Tay never hesitated to answer questions, even long after the class had ended, and ensured that students returned home, feeling enlightened. He would be patient and understanding, and wouldn’t mind teaching a concept over and over again to build confidence about the subject in his students. He would also reply to last-minute questions by text or phone call, demonstrating his passion for teaching Economics.


Name: Zhao Yufan
JC: Raffles Institution
Class: 15S06L

Ever since I enrolled in H2 Economics in year 5, I scored mostly E and S for major examinations, until I enrolled in Mr Tay’s class in April 2015. Afterwards, I improved to a E grade in CT2, D in the preliminary examinations, and eventually scored an A grade in the 2015 GCE A level examinations. This was an unthinkable result for me just a year ago. 

As a tutor, Mr Tay’s experience shows in the way he does things. Notes compiled by him are clear and concise. While school lecture notes are great for reading and catching up on the happenings in the world of economics, core concepts are often explained in a long-winded and confusing manner, leaving students like me perplexed and lost. Mr Tay’s notes fill the gap. They are easy to understand, to the point and answers examination questions directly.

In the classroom, Mr Tay goes through examination questions from various schools, as well as past year papers. He warns us about the common pitfalls that students stumble into when writing the essays, and teaches us how to overcome them. Examples include how to draw diagrams with the best scale to avoid problems when explaining later on, and the optimal way to structure essays that comes comes in many different forms, without having to waste time on repeating explanations made earlier. Moreover, he often introduces new, non-standard (but well thought and valid) points that were previously not taught in school. These helped to distinguish my essay from the rest. In fact, his approach was so effective that one of his “extra-points” could be directly used in one of the essay in the 2015 A levels, with minimal modifications made


Name: Sun Yi Jing
JC: National Junior College
Class: 14SH21

Mr Tay is a committed and passionate teacher who kindles the love for Economics in his students. Something that I personally treasure about Mr Tay’s classes are that he always incorporates real-life examples into his lessons. This adds a whole new dimension to my understanding of Economic concepts. Unlike the lengthy lecture notes provided in schools, the lesson notes prepared by Mr Tay are concise, comprehensive and exam-oriented. Instead of memorizing thick sets of lecture notes from school before the exams, Mr Tay’s notes help me consolidate and focus on the key Economic concepts that are needed to score.

Under Mr Tay’s guidance, I have developed an interest and enthusiasm in Economics, which propelled me to work harder and eventually achieve an A in the A’level examinations. Thank you Mr Tay for making the study of Economics such an enjoyable process!


Name: Norman Tan
JC: National Junior College
Class: 14SH12

Mr Tay is a highly effective tutor. He ensures solid and firm understanding of concepts taught in his classes and revises them to ensure that these concepts are internalised and can be applied when needed. He also drills his students with essays and fine tunes every small little detail, ensuring a precise and succinct response that is difficult to fault. Mr Tay also plays the exam game well and imparts these valuable skills into each and every one of his students. He explains to students the important points to include and to omit to ensure that a rigorous essay can be produced under time constraint. Apart from that, Mr Tay’s friendliness and outgoing personality brings lots of joy and laughter during lessons– a crucial aspect for everyone leading up to the stressful A level period. 

Name: : Stephen Sun 
JC: Hwa Chong Junir College

During my J1 year, I was constantly failing Econs tests and often did not understand the concepts being taught to us during lectures. I obtained a S for my Econs block test, and hence I decided to join Mr Tay’s tuition.

Mr Tay managed to explain and summarise all the Econs concepts in a clear manner, making use of diagrams, charts and real world examples to assist in understanding. He often discusses current affairs and uses Econs concepts to analyse them, not only deepening my understanding of the concepts, but also allow us to apply what we have learnt. He goes through essay plans for common essay questions, and demonstrates how to tackle challenging essay and case study questions. Furthermore, whenever I have something to clarify, I can ask him directly or drop him a message, and he would assist me immediately. Due to his informal teaching style, he makes Econs a lot more exciting and interesting, and he helps me to enjoy a subject I once hated. With Mr Tay’s guidance, my Econs grade gradually improved and I was eventually able to obtain an A during A levels! Thank you Mr Tay for all your help! 😀

Name: Victoria Tamara

JC: Victoria Junior College

Class: 14S43 


Economics Grade prior to tuition: C

‘A’ Level Economics Grade: A

 Mr Tay is a very insightful economics teacher. Economic concepts are very clearly explained by Mr Tay, and helpful strategies towards examinations are imparted to students. Under the guidance of Mr Tay, students can improve their grades and excel in their examinations. Mr Tay also has very useful and concise notes that can help students to consolidate economic concepts, such that students can easily remember the relevant information needed to answer examination questions. When in doubt of anything, students can easily approach Mr Tay for help at anytime, which helps to solidify students’ understanding of the Economics subject.


Name: Pang Sheng Min
JC: Victoria Junior College

Class: 13S43

Mr Tay is a great teacher and friend, whose experience and study tips are invaluable throughout my studies for A levels. Initially, my greatest challenge was digesting substantial amounts of content during school lectures. But Mr Tay’s teaching is unique because he formulates and advises special answer techniques to suit my style. This was was the key for me to grasp the important understandings needed to excel in  econs.

In the classroom setting, Mr Tay is amiable and patient. He never leaves any doubts unanswered and always draws on real life examples to enhance what is only taught in theory in schools. The thing I look forward to the most in lessons is the chance to exchange views on a particular issue, and listen to a variety of other arguments. Through Mr Tay’s openness and guidance, I have grown to appreciate  econs and love the challenge that it brings with reasoning and analysing questions.

I cannot deny the immense role Mr Tay has played throughout my  econs study and JC life, for which I would not acheive an A for my H2  Econs. He has taught me so much more than textbooks aloneVicto


Name: Lian Szu-Jin
JC: National Junior College

Class: 13SH22

Mr Tay’s clear explanations and useful notes made this confusing subject a lot easier to manage. He uses mind maps to aid us in understanding crucial concepts, and teaches us how to approach different kinds of essay questions with fool-proof methodology. He teaches you how to tackle the lack of time during exams by advising you on the crucial points to write and what to leave out. Mr Tay also went through many tricky essay questions and case studies, which greatly aided my preparations for A-levels.

What I really liked about Mr Tay’s lessons, is that you can always ask him extra questions after class, or drop him a message whenever you have something to clarify. He will always get back to you. He also tries to adjust his pace of teaching according to his different students, making sure that his pace compliments the pace of the schools his students are in. He is a very patient and accommodating teacher who really tries his best to help his students get that A. His easy-going nature and style of teaching makes lessons enjoyable and Econs, a less daunting subject.



Name: Clarence Lim
JC: National Junior College

Class: 13SH09

Before attending Mr Tay’s lessons in JC1 I was scraping a mere pass in econs. However after attending his lessons, my results greatly improved along with my understanding of the subject allowing me to achieve a grade of C for my promos. This success continued further to JC2 where I managed to achieve a grade of A for my ‘A’ levels.

Mr Tay’s lessons are simplistic yet effective, providing not only well structured notes but also clear and concise knowledge to form a strong foundation for weaker students. He further nurtures his students by teaching them how to answer common exam questions. He is not only friendly but also entertaining and his lessons will not be dull.


Name: Zhao Han Qing

JC: Saint Andrew’s Junior College

Class: 13S04


At the start of JC2, my grades for economics fell drastically from an A during promos to a D during MSA. I realised that most of the strategies which I had came up with myself to ace the promos did not work anymore during JC2. The concepts tested and the types of questions asked during exams were much tougher than before. In despair, I decided to attend Mr Tay’s tuition and I was happy to say that I did not regret this decision.

Mr Tay was meticulous in teaching the concepts such that we would understand them right down to the very core. He patiently took his time in teaching us the skills and concepts during lessons such that we would have time to slowly digest what has been taught in class. Many of the skills taught in class made it easier for me to answer the challenging and often unpredictable questions asked during exams. Through the many hours of tuition, I managed to obtain an ‘A’ for my A levels and would have to thank Mr Tay for his experienced guidance for that.


Name: Anabelle Kong

JC: Raffles Junior College

Class: 13S03P


I got a D for Prelims and miraculously, managed to get A for A levels under Mr Tay’s tutelage.

Econs tuition is important for distilling the syllabus into what is required for the examinations. Imagine having to study several subjects and running out of time to study every subject in detail! Knowing how to better prepare for my examinations was crucial because I used to have a bad habit of preparing the least for economics.

Also, Mr Tay helps to reinforce keywords and concepts which are crucial for essay. Furthermore, he taught me essential exam techniques such as the topics to look out for, how to approach a case study and how to improve on my essays. He’ll read my essay practices and give me crucial feedback on how to improve. Â Most importantly, Mr Tay’s teaching gave me confidence and optimism, in spite of my mediocre economics grades.

Thank you Mr Tay!




Name: Camellia Ong
JC: Innova Junior College


Throughout my 2 years in Innova, I have consistently been not faring well for my Economics, with a grade of ‘E’. Thus, I joined Mr Tay’s Tuition class in the beginning of the second year. Though it seems impossible to get an A for Economics from an E in just 8 months, I had done it with the Mr Tay’s help.

His explanation was clear and concise such that we only learn the key important content. Besides that, he had also guided me through applications of my knowledge to different types of questions, that solve my perennial problem of not understanding the key to scoring well in essays writing. Despite his seemingly busy schedule, he always has time to answer his students’ questions promptly


Name: Judith Eliza Boudville
JC: Serangoon Junior College

Class: 2SR30

My journey as an economics student was not as smooth sailing as I expected it to be. Though I understood the concepts taught, I was unfortunately unable to apply that knowledge to answering essays and case studies. This landed me in the ‘U’ category and if I was ever lucky, I got a ‘S’.

Fortunately, I joined Mr Tay in April at year 2 and through his guidance I managed to improve gradually, even if the results did not seem to show initially. I am really blessed and thankful to have done well for econs – even way beyond my expectation. Thank you, Mr Tay.

Name: Elise Lim
JC: Nanyang Junior College


I didn’t do well in Econs during JC 1. Promos was the first time I passed with an E grade. However after attending Mr Tay’s  tuition I started improving.

He made me write a few essays and analysed my problem with me. He is a concerned teacher who called my mother when I did not follow his suggested method. I am really lucky I followed his method after all as I started improving gradually in my school assignments. His notes are very comprehensive and well thought through. He would answer my questions even very late at night as I crammed for Econs paper the next day. With his help and explanations I started to understand Econs and the requirements to the questions. My question analysis skills also improved drastically. He motivated me and encouraged me not to drop my Econs to h1. I am glad I listened to his advice. Thanks Mr Tay for my A in Econs.

Name: Daniel Lee Kitt Yew
JC: Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Class: 2SA1

Mr Tay’s Economics tuition has greatly transformed my Economics grades from Cs, Ds and Es to As and even developed a strong passion in the subject for me.

Mr Tay’s lessons are effective because I find that he does not waste time going into long-winded explanations of the technical terms and concepts involved. He explains it to you using simple-to-understand layman terms and memorable analogies. In fact, a comprehensive topic such as Introduction to Macroeconomics, which would usually take around a month’s worth of lectures and tutorials to cover in school, could actually be easily covered in three to four lessons by Mr Tay. He does not compromise on the in-depth explanations of the concepts though. What he does is he filters out all the unnecessary and irrelevant details in your lecture notes and supplements it with his relevant and current real-world examples.

What makes Mr Tay’s lessons stand out is that they are fun and engaging. The uses of relevant and current examples inspire more interest in the topic as you are able to draw Economic references from current happenings in the world such as the Eurozone crisis and Greek debt crisis. If you are in doubt, Mr Tay will explain the concepts clearly and illustrate it with examples until you are able to master them. He is also very friendly with his students, often quizzing them on Economics topics and correcting their mistakes to make sure that they have understood them well. He is able to accommodate your learning ability well too, adapting his lessons to suit your pace of learning.



Name: Cherie Lee
JC: Temasek Junior College

Class: 30/12

Before attending tuition, my economics scored a mediocre grade of E at promos. After tuition, my grades improved steadily until my final result of A for ‘A’levels. It was actually a drastic improvement from the E I scored one year ago.

Mr Tay is a really effective economics tutor as he structures his notes in a way that makes it easy to answer both essays and CSQs. Furthermore, he taught me his method of answering the papers – and I believe this to be key in helping me score my A. Also, he places great emphasis on giving us a good foundation in economics concepts, and this is important as questions in exams are so diverse and unpredictable. In addition, he is a very patient teacher, and he thoroughly explained to me things I had my doubts on. As seen from his teaching, Mr Tay is without a very experienced and skilled teacher – I have no regrets attending his tuition. Thanks Mr Tay!


Name: Daniel Seah Rui Qi (recommended by Samuel Seah) 
JC: Anderson Junior College

Before having tuition I generally scored an S grade for my H1 Economics paper. But within a short span of half a year (I started in JC2 during June), Mr Tay has helped me achieve an A grade for my ‘A’ Levels. The tuition sessions are concise and effective in helping me to quickly grasp new economic concepts.

Most students in schools comment that they understand the subject, but are unable to write a good answer in essays or case studies. However the structure of the lesson and explanations given by Mr Tay not only allows me to understand and appreciate economics concepts but it also provides strong essay techniques at the same time. His lessons are succinct because Mr Tay categorises topics efficiently creating a simpler structure and framework for students to follow effectively reducing the total content of the subject. The school’s method of blindly continually attempting essays is not nearly as efficient compared to a session with Mr Tay.

Mr Tay himself was very dedicated in teaching economics to his students and I believe all other students previously under him would say the same. He would provide real life situations involving economics (which we otherwise will not think of) to make lessons more interesting. Thank you Mr Tay for your sessions and I hope that more students will enjoy your lessons.

Name: Boo Bing Han
JC: Innova Junior College

Class: 1211E

While my H2 subjects were fairly well done, I consistently fail my H1 Economics. In year 2, during June holiday, I joined this tuition programme. Though it seems impossible to get an A for Economics from U in just 5 months, I had done it with the help of Mr Tay.

His explanation was clear and easy to understand. This allows me to understand the Economics concepts. Understanding is the basic requirement to do well in Economics. On top of that, he had also guided me through applications of my knowledge to different types of questions. This is an important skill in A level Economics. Despite his seemingly busy schedule, he always have time to answer his students’ questions. I can always message him a question and he would definitely reply within the same day. Furthermore, he would find out what examples we have learnt in school so as to complement his teaching to our school notes. This prevents from getting confused


Name: Goh Yang Ling Cheryl
JC: Serangoon Junior College
Class: 2SR23

I was constantly getting U and S grades for Economics exams/tests through my two years in JC. I am really glad to have started Mr Tay’s tuition in my year 2. Even though I had a weak foundation of the subject, Mr Tay was patient and kind in explaining the key concepts to me. He also gave us relevant real-life examples and his lively character made lessons more enjoyable. My A levels Economics grade was a pleasant surprise and I have Mr Tay to thank for helping me score an A for Econs!


Name: : Andrea Lim Shi En
JC: Serangoon Junior College
Class: 2SR24

I consistently had terrible grades for Econs, either a S or a U, with scores as low as 29/100 at one point. Miraculously, I managed to snag an A grade for Econs in my ‘A’ levels.

Mr Tay definitely helped to improve my economics grades tremendously as he started from the very basic for all the chapters. Also, he was able to explain any queries that we had to help us better understand the logic and reasoning behind that particular concept. In the case that we still weren’t able to understand the concept (which were very frequent), he always another method to explain the concept to us. Super grateful for his patience in teaching me, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I did without him J Thank you so much!

Name: : Ong Xin Lei
JC: National Junior College
Class: 12sh16

Interactive and engaging lessons were especially effective in helping me remember the content and skills needed for a variety of questions. Mr Tay is a friendly and approachable tutor whom I feel comfortable in asking questions, even “stupid” ones. In my first major exam in year 1, I got a U grade. I continued to struggle on my own, and despite my best efforts, I only managed to pass thereafter. By April in year 2, I decided to try out Mr Tay’s tuition and subsequently, I managed to get Bs up till the prelim exam. Not surprisingly, I then managed to an A grade for A levels.


Name: Grace Tan
JC: Raffles Institution
Class: 12S03N

After realising I was feeling lost in tutorials and couldn’t understand what was required of me during tests, I decided to join Mr Tay’s econs class with two of my friends in J1. He patiently and effectively explained the various concepts that I hadn’t been able to grasp in class, bringing in real life examples to make lessons clearer and more interesting. He would also run through practice questions with us, and he always challenged us to make sense of them before asking us guiding questions or explaining when we were stuck or wrong instead of spoonfeeding us. Even though we were in a group, he had a good grasp of each of our strengths and weaknesses through reading our scripts and listening to our responses, and he managed to tailor the lessons to best suit our needs. From being a student who dreaded econs tutorials, through our discussions and explanations I eventually grew to love the subject!

One  thing I found especially helpful is that he gave us guidelines on how to approach exam questions, something which our school didn’t focus on much initially, and it really helped me understand why I was doing badly though I felt like I answered the questions correctly. With a better understanding of both the subject and the requirements of each type of question, I was finally able to push up my Econs grade from Cs and Ds in J1 to B in CT2 and Prelims, and finally A in the A levels! Thank you Mr Tay for making my Economics journey an enjoyable and fruitful one (:


Name: Tan Lien Chew
JC: Raffles Institution
Class: 12SO6E

Before tuition, my economics grade was rather poor, getting a low D and close to an E. After tuition, my economics grade started improving, first to a higher D and finally a C for my preliminary examinations. However after much extra consultation through phone calls and constant drilling using both past year A level papers and other school’s papers, I finally managed to achieve an A for my A level examinations. Overall, I am really grateful to Mr. Tay for putting in so much effort and time to not only teach me economic concepts in a way that was more easily comprehended, but also helping me mark my work and point out my mistakes in the various case studies and essays that I have. I find the tuition highly effective and I do recommend it to anyone that is currently struggling for economics.


Name: Eer Jia Han 
JC: Duman High School
Class: 6C21

I have been getting E or below for econs throughout my JC1, I was depressed and even thought of changing the subject.

However, after attending Mr Tay’s class at the start of JC2, I finally understood the concepts and the skills to answer essays and case studies, and I was actually interested in economics! Mr Tay is exam-oriented and knows the best way to tackle different types of questions in A-levels, which is much more efficient than most school methods. Despite receiving a C during the Prelims, though worried, at the back of my head, I was confident that with his intensive practices and revisions, I would eventually fare better. And I did, achieving an A in A-levels! 🙂

Help me thank Mr Tay again!

Name: Leonard Li Lian
JC: Raffles Junior College
Class: 12S03U

I initially deliberated over econs tuition due to the time & money needed. I eventually decided upon it when I realised that I totally had no foundation, as evidenced by my ‘U’ grade for my year 2 common test. The school lectures were at a rate which catered to the majority but not to me. Fortunately, in Mr Tay, I found an econs tutor who explained concepts clearly & adopted an exam-oriented approach to equip me with relevant skills to tackle challenging exam questions. Notes given were short & concise, yet it did not lack depth & included relevant real life examples needed for essays.

As the A level approached, I spent less & less time on econs but grew more & more confident. My teachers & even my parents were surprised by my eventual ‘A’ grade but not myself. Who says that money can’t buy time? It bought me not only time but also interest in the subject. I’m intending to pursue econs in my future studies. Thanks, Mr Tay.


Name: Shammini Gunasegaran (recommended by Low Meixian)
JC: Nanyang Junior College
Class: 1032

My grades improved immeasurably after tuition with Mr Tay (introduced by my senior, Low Meixian I rarely passed economics before tuition and was gradually improving after, but for the A levels, it was a pleasant surprise to attain an A grade for it.

Mr Tay made the concepts seem relatable with simple analogies which was really helped me cope with the subject as a whole. He definitely ensured that I was not overwhelmed by the syllabus content and broke it down into simple concepts that were easy to comprehend and taught me how to effectively translate them into my answers, according to specific question types.


Name: Tai Jia En Jolene 
JC: Hwa Chong Institution
Class: 10S6B

I started attending Mr Tay’s class in the early months of 2010 as recommended by my older brother (see testimonial under Tai Jun En Joel). To be honest, I was really bad in economics all the way through even till my prelims. But thank God for Mr Tay who never gave up on me, and kept using his own peculiar ways to encourage me to persevere and not give up on the subject. I was failing throughout my jc years, getting Ds, Es, and Ss. For prelims I got an E even. But thanks to Mr Tay’s teaching, I attained an A for my A levels! For that, I’m very grateful for. Mr Tay is a teacher that highlights and makes lessons easier to understand, pointing out the keywords essential for essays and case studies. Without his help, I would not have attained this A. So thank you very much!

apply economics concepts to exam questions

Name: Deborah Tay 
JC: Catholic Junior College
Class: 2T02

I started Econs tuition with Mr Tay at the beginning of my first year in JC as it was a new subject for me and I was unfamiliar with it. Mr Tay was constantly encouraging me, and reminding me that it takes time to improve, as well as ensuring that I had a good grasp of basic concepts such as elasticity that built the foundation for my understanding and learning as well as allowing me to see links between seemingly unrelated topics that my school did not stress on. This was done by adding real life examples to his teaching, instead of theoretical situations, making Econs interesting for me as I could apply it to even the simplest things in real life.

Additionally, Mr Tay’s teaching is more examination oriented, focusing on question types, ensuring that I was more flexible in applying my knowledge and concepts to answer essay questions as required. He also impressed on me the importance of practice, especially in the essay component. Most importantly, he advised me to focus only on what I would need to know under examination conditions, rather than memorizing from lecture notes wholesale, so that I could write just enough under time constraints to score the maximum number of marks. The essay skills he taught me were integral in allowing me to improve from scoring a D at my Mid Year examinations to a B at my Promotional examinations in J1 and finally an A at my A levels, as well as being a part of the Principal’s Honour Roll as a Top Arts student since they are applicable not just to Economics alone but across the board to all my other subjects.

I am extremely grateful for the constant help and encouragement Mr Tay has given me through my A level journey as my results could not have been possible without his guidance!


Name: Marcus Wong
JC: St Andrew’s Junior College
Class: 10a04

Initially Economics was an obstacle for me – I could never get past S’s and E’s through JC1. This persisted up until my mid-year examinations in JC2. I decided to join Mr Tay’s tuition around July for the final stretch towards the actual A level examinations.

Mr Tay’s style of teaching is very clear and concise, effectively instilling understanding in each chapter each lesson. He makes sure not to spoon-feed but rather to stimulate the thought process with critical questions, guided by structure. This helped me analyse essay questions skillfully, such that when I answer the questions I am not merely regurgitating content and actually answering what the question is asking for. The skills I picked up in his lessons were invaluable – something my teachers in school were unable to invest much time into teaching me since their priority was always to cover syllabus content. After just 2 months of twice-a-week lessons, my grades were bumped up to a B at the Preliminary Examinations which meant I hit the 96th percentile in my cohort. I eventually scored an A for the A levels. Thanks Mr Tay.


Name: Lim QiJin
JC: Victoria Junior College
Class: 10S32

I only started looking for Econs tuition 2 weeks before Prelims when I finally stopped being stubborn about not getting tuition. I thought tuition would be very expensive but I joined with a friend and so it was rather affordable. (Plus, you can learn more from each others’ strengths and mistakes!) I finally accepted the fact that I badly needed help. My J2 concepts were all unclear and I had forgotten a huge portion of what I learnt in J1. Thus throughout J2 I scored consistently below average. This would be reflected in my Prelim result of an S grade, putting me pathetically in the 15th percentile.

With just a few weeks left till A Levels, I began to panic. Thankfully, Mr Tay did not give up on me even though I only came to him at the last minute. Within these few lessons, he managed to target my weak spots (there were many). The lessons are very effective as he deals with different students according to their respective strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, Mr Tay’s lessons are never boring due to his bubbly personality and he would use many, many real life examples. Difficult concepts would be translated into examples that are easy to understand AND remember. He would even work OT without charging extra to ensure that all questions and doubts are clarified.

It still seems like a miracle that I got an A for Econs for A Level. Thank you Mr Tay, for making the impossible happen!!

Thank you Mrs Tay, too!! For always being so nice and preparing food for us 😀 will miss you two!


Name: Low Meixian
JC: Nanyang Junior College
Class: : 0931

Since the start of year 1 I was never outstanding in Economics, in fact I was struggling with it. Economics was one of the subjects that I worried most throughout my 2 years in college because no matter how hard I studied, the most I could achieve was an E. Even for prelim I was scoring a borderline pass and that really made me worried for my A level. After attending Mr Tay’s tuition, I realised that econ wasn’t as hard as it seemed. The interactive learning, creative examples and exams skills really made economics easier and few weeks before A level, I felt more confident of Economics as compared to my other subjects. Much thanks to Mr Tay, I finally got an A for econ!! 


Name: Yap Wen (recommended by Christabel and Charissa Lim)
JC: Meridian Junior College

During my first year of junior college, I struggled immensely in understanding the abstract concepts of Economics. As a result, I was constantly failing each economics test and papers I took. My cousin, Christabel and Charissa Lim, referred me to Mr Tay. Both of them attended his lessons and did exceptionally well in their Economics examinations.

Mr Tay is a dedicated and passionate tutor, demonstrated through his ability to teach, motivate and direct students while maintaining high interest in attaining their academic achievements. Mr Tay’s clear and coherent explanation in economic theories allowed me to better understand the subject. Whenever I had any doubts, he will never fail to patiently explain them. In addition, Mr Tay is extremely articulate in explaining academic jargon or topics which may be difficult to comprehend. He allows students to learn in a variety of ways; relating economics concepts to examples in our daily lives.

I thoroughly enjoyed my tuition sessions with Mr Tay, and am thankful for the time and effort he has put in for me to secure an A grade for my 2010 GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations.


Name: Kirenjit Kaur Gill
JC: Innova Junior College
Class:  0932A

Before Mr Tay’s tuition class, I was extremely confused about my microeconomic concepts especially those on market failure and market structures. No matter how hard I studied, often seeking help from my school tutors and John Sloman, I simply could not differentiate between the basic economic concepts. After scraping through my first in Junior College and barely passing my promotional examinations, I decided to look for a tutor. I was recommended to Mr Tay by a family friend.

Mr Tay’s class was extremely helpful to me and helped me to better understand my economic concepts by linking theories to real life cases and scenarios. He was able to clear all my doubts without any hesitation and best of all, he did not even need to refer to any textbook. He is extremely flexible and is able to teach me any topic at any point in time. Besides my theory, I also had an issue with time management. Mr Tay painstakingly helped me to overcome this by giving me tips on how to minimize the time taken to write essay as well as practice during class. Needless to say this helped immensely during the A level exams boosting my E grade to an A. 

Name: Esther Ng Feng Qing
JC: Raffles Junior College
Class:  10SO3K

Being in a science class () with H2 B.C.M.E combination, Economics was quite an arduous subject to handle at first. Due to the several factors like the difficulty in understanding Economics questions and concepts, as well as lack of time during Economics examinations, I never thought I could do well for this subject. However, I have achieved ‘A’ for Economics in the 2010 GCE A Level examination and it is mostly thanks to Mr Tay. Mr Tay explains Economics concepts simply and easy for one to understand. In addition, his notes are straight to the point and that is a really great help during revisions. Furthermore, he goes through the methods of answering certain types of questions and gives practices frequently. All these have aided me greatly during the preparation for my examination.


I am very thankful to Mr Tay!


Name: Samuel Seah Rui Yi
JC: Nanyang Junior College
Class: 0826

Econs tuition saved me a lot of time and effort. Compared to my peers, I spent much less time writing essays and did less “extra” practice assignments for my school teachers. They would spend hours studying for Economics’ tests while i spent around 2-3 hours per week learning from Mr. Tay. The school teachers don’t understand that it’s not the quantity of what we do that determines our grades but rather we should be taught how to produce quality economic essays.
Mr. Tay has done just that. After teaching me economic theories, he taught me how to write my essay with a good “economic framework”. Instead of doing many practice essays to learn how to write effectively (like everyone else did), he taught me what a quality essay meant and how to produce such an essay. I will forever remember his mantra – “Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis”.


Name: Cheam Jia Jun
JC: : Hwa Chong Institution Junior College
Class: 08S74

There is an evident improvement in my economics grades before and after my economics tuition. Before, I hardly pass any economics papers, but after tuition, I did score pretty well during school assessments. To sum up, in year 1, I did not take up any tuition since I started in year 2, I failed almost every time, but then in the GCE ‘A’ levels, I managed to clinch an A.
I think the tuition class is pretty useful as Mr Tay aims to bring across a concept to us and internalize them and apply them when answering the questions. The summaries and sample model answers for different types of questions are very useful as it comes in handy while revising for examination. The key to good grades, is to be hardworking and read the notes he give, as these notes are very question specific, and so you will know the requirements for any question, unlike school notes which are not that direct.


Name: Derniese Goh Xin Yi
JC: : Hwa Chong Institution Junior College

Mr Tay is a highly experienced and dedicated Economics tutor that takes Economics to an entirely new level. With the guidance of Mr Tay, Economics as a subject is no longer difficult to tackle. He makes it interesting and engages students in meaningful discussions about the global economy using relevant economic concepts. Equipped with his enormous bank of knowledge, he never fails to deliver information accurately and clearly during lessons.

His explanations are concise, comprehensible and consistent. By constantly encouraging me to think about the various economic concepts, he has helped me create a solid foundation in Economics. From someone that disliked
Economics, Mr Tay has transformed me into a person that is inquisitive about the current global situation and that has inspired me to further pursue Macroeconomics at University level.



Name: Tai Jun En Joel
JC: : Raffles Institution Junior College 
Class: 09S06H

After going for Mr. Tay’s tuition, my grades went up gradually. From getting Es consistently before going for this, I managed to do pretty well in all the tests which I took after that, always among the top few in class. This culminated in achieving an A for my Economics in A levels.

Mr. Tay’s lessons are really very effective! He gave us both the knowledge and also the skills and techniques that are required for the A level exam.  Also, he ‘spots’ questions whenever our exams are coming, giving us extra preparation for the questions which he thinks will come out. Amazingly, the questions would always be in our test! I guess this is due to the vast experience he had prior to teaching us. In short, Mr. Tay’s tuition had been greatly effective and I probably would not have gotten my A without his help! Thanks a lot! 


Name: See Tow Shiun Yang
JC: : Raffles Institution Junior College 
Class: 09S06B

As my tutor, Mr Tay mostly focused on the technical aspects of writing the essay, which I was sorely lacking in. Mr Tay’s tips and techniques in writing an Economics essay, especially preparing me for the kind of standards expected for the ‘A’ Levels, was instrumental in my preparation for it.

As a veteran of the GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations system, I find that Mr Tay’s knowledge on how to specifically ace this examination is vast and extremely valuable. He even managed to predict several topics and sub-topics which were tested. No doubt, Mr Tay is vastly experienced in preparing students for the ‘A’ Levels and is a genuinely talented educator.

That said, I was very lucky to be paired up with Mr Tay for that short period of time and am still thankful to him for having done a huge part in engineering an A grade for me. For that, I am grateful. Thank you Mr Tay!


Name Nah Chung Wei
JC: : Raffles Institution Junior College 
Class: 09S06U

For the Preliminary Exams, I was in the dean’s list for Economics. I am currently a first year medical student in the National University of Singapore.

I started Economics tuition with Mr Tay early in JC1. He was effective in helping me understand the various concepts as well as in answering techniques. With a strong foundation, tackling the challenging subject of Economics was made much simpler


 Name: Alynn Tan     
JC: : 
St Andrew’s Junior College  
Class: 09S06U

From Mr Tay’s tuition, I managed to pick up skills and content that are vital to scoring for Economics. Through tuition, I realised that learning Economics can be enjoyable too. Tuition has definitely helped me to improve and reach for what I once thought was unattainable. 


 Name: Elizabeth Toh      
JC: : 
St Andrew’s Junior College  

During the time I was under Mr. Tay, my grades showed significant improvement and I graduated with an A for H2 Economics. I am now pursuing a degree in law in the United Kingdom.

Mr Tay, through his many years of teaching Economics, has compiled effective and concise notes which are not only helpful during term time but also indispensible during the intense pre-‘A’ level revision sessions. His method of continuous practice exposes students to a great variety of questions and therefore trains them to be flexible and adaptable. This is essential as the current curriculum no longer focuses on passive learning but instead encourages students to think out of the box. By being flexible and adaptable, Mr. Tay’s students are able to conquer even the most creative of questions.

As such, it is my belief that students will benefit from Mr. Tay’s lessons and I would definitely recommend him to you.

Name: Yeo Xian Wei
JC: : Raffles Institution Junior College 
Class: 09S06W

I was a student of Raffles Junior College and am now about to undertake a Law degree at university. I engaged Mr Tay as an Economics tuition teacher after facing uncertainty in the subject in JC2. Having gone through approximately four months of tuition with him, I saw a marked improvement in my Economics grades and obtained an A in my preliminary exams, as well as during the GCSE A Levels. This was a great difference from the period prior to tuition, during which I found my grasp of the concepts rather weak and insubstantial. Rather than being a mere revision of the content covered in school, Mr Tay provided me new insights as to the application of Economics in a Singapore context, and introduced useful methods for facing examinations. It was an invaluable experience for me, both academically, as well as in widening my general knowledge.


Name: Christabel Lim (recommended by Charissa Lim)
JC: : Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
: 6.04

I studied Economics at Higher Level (HL) as part of the International Baccalaureate in ACS(I). I struggled with Economics as I found it difficult to understand and grasp basic economics concepts. My sister, Charissa Lim, referred me to Mr Tay. She had attended his tuition classes 2 years ago while studying for her A levels at ACJC and eventually secured an A in Economics at the A level examinations.

Mr Tay was very flexible in his teaching and adapted what he taught according to what I needed to know for the International Baccalaureate examinations. I appreciated this extra effort on his part as the International Baccalaureate examinations differed in structure and content from the A level examinations. Mr Tay was patient and detailed in his explanation of economics concepts and his friendly demeanor helped me to enjoy his tuition classes. Through the year of tuition that I underwent with him (from mid-2007 to mid-2008), I developed a better understanding of economics and gained greater confidence in the subject. This gave my grade an extra boost from 6 (during various common tests) to 7* (at the International Baccalaureate exam).

*7 is the highest grade attainable for a subject under the International Baccalaureate (i.e. equivalent to an A for A levels)

Economics concepts made easy

Name: Charissa Lim
JC: : Anglo Chinese Junior College
: 2AA2 

Mr Tay was my economics tutor from the start of 2006 until the A levels. I decided to engage him as a tutor after receiving a D for economics in my J1 promo exams. I was referred to him by my senior, Cassandra Leong, who told me that Mr Tay helped her to get an A for economics in A levels, after failing economics in her J1 promo exams.

I enjoyed weekly tuition sessions with Mr Tay because he was able to explain economic concepts in layman terms. He would make it a point to write out mock economics exam questions for each topic to draw attention to key concepts that have regularly been tested. With his patience and guidance, I began to notice an improvement in my grades after a month of tuition.

I appreciated Mr Tay’s insight into the areas that I was weak in and the effort he put into helping me to improve my essay writing skills. He pointed out my poor grades were mainly due to a lack of training in writing essays and made sure that I wrote at least two economics essays per week, on top of my schoolwork. With time, I began to become comfortable with the structure of economics essays and soon had the confidence to do well in economics assessments.

I am grateful for Mr Tay’s constant support and encouragement during the preparation for my A levels. He constantly provided me with past year exam questions so that I could practice writing essays, and assured me that I would be able to do well because I understood economic concepts. This took a load off my mind and gave me one less subject to worry about. In the end, I scored an A in economics for the A levels and I know that it would not have come easily without Mr Tay’s help.



Name: Clara Khoo
JC: : Anglo Chinese Junior College
Class: 2AA3

I scored 3 distinctions at the GCE A level examinations and am received an MOE Teaching Award. I went on to major in History in NUS and graduated in 2010 with a 2nd Upper Class of Honours. I am now a History teacher in a Junior College.

I got to know Mr Tay through a friend when I was in J1. I needed Econs tution badly as I was barely passing my tests, scoring mostly Es and my promotional examinations were coming up.

As I am weak in mathematics, I had a lot of problems with the micro aspect of economics and took longer than my peers to understand what people considered “relatively straightforward” concepts like elasticity of demand.

Mr Tay was able to help me understand the various economic concepts with the use of analogies and examples which helped made things clearer. Moreover, unlike lectures in school where the lecturer usually speeds through the content – I had the luxury of having Mr Tay repeat his explanations in the event that I still could not grasp the concept.

My sessions with Mr Tay also involved the transmission of useful essay and case study skills that I diligently applied for all my school work/tests and the exams.

Over the course of 1.5years, I was able to improve from an E to a C at the end of J1. For both my J2 prelims and in the GCE A levels, I got a distinction (A) for economics. I also recommended Mr Tay to my friend, Cassandra Leong who was failing economics and even though Mr Tay taught her for approx 4-5 months, she was able to score an A at the A levels. All of which serves as a testimony of Mr Tay’s competence in his area of expertise.

All in all, my climb from an E to an A could not have happened without Mr Tay’s guidance and I am entirely grateful.